I normally don’t do New Year’s Resolutions or if I do I seem to break them within a few weeks. This year my resolutions are for me. I love me, but I know I can become a better person. My resolutions will mainly help me on the inside, but it will help me on the outside because it will make the smile ever more present on my face.  These resolutions won’t get tossed to the side like in years past.  This year will be different.  By publishing my resolutions via Facebook, my new blog, and Twitter I hope that my friends, followers, and Tweeps will hold me accountable.


1.  Get involved in Girl Scouts of America again. I have a lifetime membership so I can easily be an adult volunteer. I had a blast the year I was a co-leader.  While I am not quite ready to take on my own troop, I need to start getting involved again.  I want girls to know that it is cool to stay involved in Girl Scouts all the way through high school. It might not always seem like it, but it is because of what you can get out of it.

2.  Get involved in Sioux Falls Humane Society and other animal organizations. I love dogs so much and until I am ready and stable enough to have my own I want to be able to find a way to help dogs find homes that can be stable and loving for them.

3.  Meet new people. I love my friends from high school and college dearly and I am so fortunate that I had so many good friends already in Sioux Falls when I moved here, but I want to meet some new friends and branch out as well.

4. Now I know, everyone has an eat healthy/workout resolution.  Mine isn’t for everyone else though. It is for me.  I want to be able to run my first 5k and actually run it (in my terms) by the end of the year.  In order to do that I need to rebuild muscles that I lost in my past injuries and work to keep my exercised induced asthma under control.  I also won’t lie, for me I want my abs from the days of dance back.  And I want to eat healthy to help build a stronger immune system since I HATE getting sick.

5.  Drink more water. I was doing so good, but coffee has been my friend way too much as of recently.  I need to start drinking a minimum of 3 nalgenes of H2O everyday.  In addition for anything more than 2 cups of caffeine that I drink a day I want to require myself to drink an glass of milk. Since I hate milk that will hopefully help me keep my caffeine intake down!

6. Find more ways to go out and have fun in Sioux Falls. Check out more bands.  Try new restaurants.  Join other groups around Sioux Falls.  Network.

7.  Find ways to continue to make myself a more capable person in my desired career field.  Talk to others in the field. Take webinars. Realize that I can always improve and learn something new. Master HTML or at least grasp it on a higher level.

8.  Write. I miss writing so much.  Re-start my blog.  Find new subjects to write about and new ways to learn from my writing.

9.  Get back into photography and scrapbooking. I love both, but let the work that goes into them take me away from the fun that comes out of it.

10.  Cook more.  Because I simply want to learn to cook more, but also because this will help me to save money by not eating out as much.

11.  Realize that I can’t change the plan that God has for me.  I over analyze everything.  I need to learn to be better about just letting it be.